Growing up wasn’t easy for me, I learned the hard way but at the same time I made a voice that I now express mostly in painting. I am a self taught painter. Most of my paintings are oil based . Oil colour is an interesting medium, I love it as it gives me more liberty to experiment.I find it intense as if my relationship with work is a passionate one. I don’t paint in a particular style, I work naturally but I pay huge attention my way of interpreting it with colours and form become bioscopic. I paint what inspires me from within , what connects me with the subject ; a lying cat on the roof top could become my subject if that cat at that moment titillate my mind or my meditative mood.I stop for a while before I start working with it.

I chose different subjects such as  landscape, portraits, religious themes, folklore, may be simple market place, trees, birds, animals, dead things, living things, etc etc. 

It happened once that some one was telling me to concentrate on one theme or one kind of art and not to deviate, not to try on many things because that doesn’t give a serious look. I appreciate, what she was telling me but I tend to differ . I told her that trying different things will not make me a silly or amateur artist. You become serious artist  if only you are seriously looking at it. It needs hours of concentrations before I chose to go forward. there are some paintings which took more than months just to develop it in my mind and once it comes out well then it really doesn’t take long time to finish it. Though I use water colour, oil pastel, pencil sketch but they are a few only. Painting is an on-going process , an intensive interaction with life in every form which allows me to develop my self as a human being, enrich my experience and my works become more biosocial .

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